Are you comfortable now? Relaxed… yes. Quickly, how old are you???  This is how the second instalment of the WinterHits mixtapes starts, inviting the listener to a particular sonic trip, to songs of love, passion and pain. It’s another soundtrack for Bob Mauretts’ Winterhaus, at the quiet village of Chans. Dj Shadow, Streetband, Professor X and Brian Adams rock the melancholic feeling we have whilst pouring half a measure of Cognac in a cup of tea, in the midst of a winter afternoon. Like Empire Strikes Back, The Temple of Doom and Dark Knight, this is the second piece of a trilogy — in this case the original WinterHits tapes — and, somehow, the best one. Waste no time and download now, it’s guaranteed to rock your winter nights.

WinterHits Two

Duration 75:58 . produced in 2003 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK