403 The Precociousness of the Manchester Spring - WinterHits

This is a follow up to last year’s ‘The Persistence of the Manchester Summer’. Likewise, it was also inspired by the unusual weather changes Manchester has been experiencing lately, and how it seems to affect everybody’s lives — including mine. This spring brought me my very first niece, the most incredible kid in the world, to whom I dedicate this mixtape. This spring has also taken things away from me, including the fourth incarnation of Max und Moritz, my technical companions when I make these mixed pieces. This is the very last one made with them — version CDJ-400. Musically, it’s uplifting, dance-y and a bit ironic — in a non-hipster way. And maybe it’s also a bit melancholic, if you’re sensitive enough to notice. Download it for free now and try for yourself…

The Precociousness of the Manchester Spring

Duration 72:55 . produced in 2012 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK