The Elephant Tape was originally commissioned as a personal mixtape for one of the sponsors of the ExistingProposed project. And the result would be such a good fit to be a WinterHits tape that we’ve licensed it to be here. It’s one of the tackiest and therefore most glorious tapes, with sound bites by The Scorpions, Dire Straits and The Pet Shop Boys doing a lousy Coldplay cover. At the same time, some pearls like Kate Bush, The Orb and Genevieve Waite compose the ambiance.

The Elephant Tape is a perfect soundtrack for the weekend afternoons of winter, with a couple of cool family members round the fireplace, having some strong bitter and smoking a mild cigar. Maybe playing cards. Check it out by pressing the download links.

The Elephant Tape AKA WinterHits 2011

Duration 77:16 . produced in 2011 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK