Superfly Lullabies is a company that makes super-swank blanket for babies, owned by my dear friend Julie. She and I share the love for good food, good music and good design. And, modesty aside, we’re also both very talented at naming our projects. Supposedly this is a pick’n mix mixtape but it has a few things we enjoy — like Morrissey, here in a rare dub version of a well-known track. It’s got a few surprises and even if you think you’ve heard it, in a previous incarnation of this website — think again. This is the version 2.0, with a very different ending, something never done before in the history of this website. Download now! And if you like it, make sure you visit Superfly Lullabies and check out the inspiration for this mixtape.

Superfly Lullabies

Duration 56:46 . produced in 2011 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK