403 Letterpressure - WinterHits

One of my favourites. Letterpressure (AKA 38) was recorded at the last few weeks of 2014. I was addicted to this Letterpress game and going through some real challenges at this new work — hence the title. It also reminds me of the great people I’ve met during that time. It’s a mellow tape with many layers, 5-channel mix and some overdubs later. There’s an exclusive edit of Harry Nilsson’s “He Needs Me”, sang by Shelley Duvall for the film Popeye. Robin Williams has passed away and Nilsson is an Orb reference – his drum break was sampled for Little Fluffy Clouds. This mix is nostalgic and uplifting. I dare to say it’s a more mature one too. Give it a listen now…


Duration 65:13 . produced in 2015 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK