Also known as Likes Quiet Pubs Country Walks Honest People Who Dont Mess You About Birds Animals Drives Into The Unknown or simply Macdonalds One Drink Two Straws Closeness To Read Your Eyes, Fritz Turns 32 is one of the most fantastic WinterHits mixtape. It obviously marks the 32nd birthday of Fritz von Runte, but there’s more to it. It has most of the acts Fritz has been listening to since he was a child. New Order, Kraftwerk, Morrissey, KLF, 808, Renegade Soundwave and so on. It’s like a self-homage, a gift he’s made for hinself. It’s also one of the longest mixtapes, made to fit in those chrome 100 minute tapes… not on a CD.

There’s a few puns and loads of classic moments, like the tongue-in-cheek london underground samples. Layers and layers of songs and sounds known to most people that know Fritz. Press download now and experience it! And what happens when Fritz turns 32? It becomes a 23.

Fritz Turns 32

Duration 94:40 . produced in 2008 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK