The fear of colour, the fear of music, the fear of anything different. This is a very special WinterHits mxitape, that has a few parallel narratives. I don’t want to spoil it, but one can read it through the eyes of what’s happening now in the UK political scene, with some people indulging racism and intolerance. Or one could read it with musical glasses, and see how some musicians, like Bill Evans, Max Roach and Dusty, express many different colour tones with their respective instruments. Or even try to hear new shades and hues from certain songs we all heard a million times, but are presented here differently. Just don’t be afraid.

Last but bloody certainly not least we are immensely proud of the artwork, composed and crafted by the talented Marina Mikulic. She’s an artist, designer and entrepreneur based in Toronto, and hopefully her beautiful colours will appear on this project again. Thank you Marina. Now let’s press download it…


Duration 70:39 . produced in 2013 . download link . SHARE ON FACEBOOK